Real world data analytics training from the top experts in each city.

What We Do

We look for professionals in operations, finance, marketing, and other business support roles who have some familiarity with business data and an interest in a data analytics career. If you are a driven, self-motivated achiever, we may train you at our own cost and place you in a new career as a business intelligence professional. Over multiple months we provide mentored, hands-on training in business intelligence skills and proficiency in SQL and standard data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI.


The results are proven, marketable competence, and a new career in data analytics where these new skills are in high demand. Students are hand-picked for aptitude, trained in real world business intelligence fundamentals, and gain experience in real world problems. DataYou graduates become proficient in SQL and the most popular Data Visualization platforms, and are ready for the kind of data analysis and visualization projects that a business requires to perform and compete at the next level.

Our Story

A few decades ago, an innovative approach to solving talent gaps in Information Technology was created by a company in Memphis. Their approach was to find ideal candidates who had the raw material in personality, communication skills, and cognitive aptitude to meet the market’s need, screen them through testing, train them without tuition and place them into a job and new career. There are hundreds of application developers in current full-time positions that were trained through this approach by Cook Systems.

Over the last thirty years, the concept has proven successful. Over a coffee meeting between Brad Weeks, CEO of Cook Systems, and Dave Castro, past principal of a data analytics firm, the idea was born to transfer the same approach to the growing need in Data Analytics.

The DataYou story is about aligning economic interests between the players in the information technology labor market. Success at DataYou means that someone is beginning a new career in a top paying industry. It also means that an employer has accessed trained, professionally established, talented individuals, who are delivering great value at an affordable rate. Success at DataYou means that profit realized by the training and placing of these individuals is enabling us to expand the program and positively impact lives with good paying careers, and impact local economies with needed Data Analytics talent.

Brad Weeks | DataYou Co-Founder

Brad is a co-founder of DataYou and the CEO of Cook Systems. Prior to DataYou and Cook, he worked with KPMG and was a co-founder of a $500 million boutique investment firm (Ergon Capital) that both predicted and successfully navigated the 2008 financial crisis. During his time with Ergon, Brad led the research and investment team in evaluating opportunities involving over 500 large organizations. This experience provides a depth and breadth of understanding about trends and risk assessment unique to the IT solutions industry. Brad brings a rare, fresh perspective to client service, corporate culture and risk assessment.

Brad spends his time leading the business, spending time with family, advising various nonprofit organizations and mentoring young leaders.



dave headshot

Dave Castro | DataYou Co-Founder

Dave is co-founder of multiple technology companies. Prior to DataYou he has been cofounder and operator in a healthcare software company and data analytics consulting company, both hitting annual revenues over $1MM and still in operation. Experienced and comfortable in the inception and strategy phase of startups, the planned rollout of a concept like DataYou to multiple cities is an energizing prospect.

In his off time, Dave enjoys golf, playing music, spending time with his kids, and most anything outdoors.

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